PRIVATE TOUR – An evening gondola ride in Venice with an aperitif and a serenade on board

An evening trip to discover the real core of Venice, one of the most romantic and amazing city in Italy. A gondola tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget; specially if it will be at sunset, with a tasty typical Venetian style aperitif on board… with live music!

Meeting with a private gondolier at San Tomà Gondole Station, in San Polo area, a few steps from the famous Chiesa dei Frari, for a complete 60 minutes’ floating tour at sunset.
It starts from the Grand Canal and on to the discovery of some hidden corners of the most romantic Italian city: Venice.

Along San Polo Canal, you will admire palaces and residential houses in different architectural styles, you will pass under some bridges and have a glimpse of the typical Venetian “calli” (narrow streets) from a privileged point of view, with their unforgettable picturesque partial sights.

During your itinerary, you will enjoy a Venetian style aperitif, based on “cicchetti” (typical meat or fish canapés) and you will sip a glass of Prosecco sparkling white wine.
Pampered by the quiet of those internal canals, you will be cheered up by a typical Italian “serenade” thanks to the presence of a singer and of an accordionist on board, who both will offer you an unforgettable 100% Italian atmosphere. On your way back, along the Grand Canal, you will contemplate magnificent Venetian palaces in Gothic and Renaissance style such as Palazzo Barbaro and Palazzo Corner Spinelli and finally the famous Rialto Bridge.

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