Milan history at a bird’s eye view

Are you looking for a panoramic tour in Milan which will allow you to discover it from an unusual point of view? We suggest you to choose this daily trip which will give you the chance to feel like a bird flying over the metropolitan city: from the gothic cathedral to the Highline Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, sipping a local aperitif on a cool terrace!

Meeting with a licensed tourist guide in Milan. Thanks to a guided visit you will discover the two Milan landmarks from an unusual perspective. You will climb onto the Highline Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, a 250 meters path, suspended along the rooftops, wich will fascinate you with a 360° view over Milan and the surrounding Alps.

Then on to the Cathedral. After admiring and recalling its history, you will get to its terraces and have a walk among its spires and pinnacles, and so you will discover its marvelous marble intaglios, which tell the history of art from the Gothic to the …neo – Gothic periods. Aerial conclusion: happy hour at one of the best known terrace café in Milan.