PRIVATE TOUR – A soft trekking activity with a picnic in Tivoli, Rome

An easy trekking and a tasty picnic based on local products through woods, paths, ancient vestiges, natural caves and a spectacular waterfall not far from Rome in a park wished for by Pope Gregory XVI in the first half of XIX century

Meeting with a private driver in Rome. Transfer to the nearby municipality of Tivoli by private car/minivan. Meeting with a private tour guide at Villa Gregoriana, for an original archeological soft trekking through its natural and artistic landmarks.
Its name was taken from the Pope Gregory XVI, who, in 1832, promoted an impressive work of hydraulic engineering to embank the continuous floods of the Aniene River. He decided to canalize its waters into a double tunnel dug inside Mount Catillo and then, after swelling them artificially, to make them rise to the 120-meter jump of the new Great Rainfall, the highest in Italy after the Marmore waterfalls.After that the work was completed, the Pope planned a romantic Park, which became the destination of artists, writers and scholars who spread its beauty all over the world.
During that pleasant walk, you will discover the gorge, inhabited since Roman times, and you will be enchanted by the remains of the sumptuous Villa Manlio Vopisco as well as by the two temples dedicated to Tiburno and Sibilla, overlooking the depth of the Aniene River.
At the end of your trekking, you will enjoy a pleasant and shabby-chic style picnic in a relaxing area. Your basket will include several elegant portions in glass pots and beverages.
Back to Rome by private car/minivan.

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© Ettore Cavalli, Massimo Siragusa – FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano)

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