PRIVATE TOUR – From a Roman Renaissance Villa to a wine tasting in Trastevere

An unusual tour in Rome, perfect either for people who are visiting the Eternal City for the second time or for those who love Renaissance Art and would like to treat themselves to a special wine experience in the famous Trastevere District

Meeting with your private licensed tour guide in Rome for an exclusive visit to Villa Farnesina (early in XVI century), built for Agostino Chigi, a rich banker from Siena, called the “Magnificent” (1466-1520),
Less known than other Roman villas, such as Villa Borghese or Villa Doria Pamphilj, the Villa is one of the noblest and most harmonious suburban buildings of the Italian Renaissance. It is a masterpiece in which its architectural design and pictorial decoration merge into a single marvelous synthesis. The sober layout of the Villa, devised by the architect Baldassarre Peruzzi, is indeed the perfect setting for its rich interior frescoes by great artists such as Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo, Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, known as Sodoma, and Peruzzi himself.

The most photographed corners are the Loggia of Galatea, which takes its name from Galatea, a nymph, frescoed by Raphael, and the Loggia of Cupid and Psyche, where the painter himself from Urbino painted some episodes from Psyche’s story, told in the Golden Ass by Apuleius, which had already been used in XV century for a nuptial imagery. The tour will continue in the Italian style garden, which includes the “secret garden”, designed after a XV-century model of the “hortus conclusus” and separated from the main “reception gardens” by a tall hedge. That hedge extends southwards as far as a stretch of the Aurelian Walls, a part of the few remains of the city walls, which once ran along the right bank of the Tiber and whose side, facing the river, was lost late in a XIX-century refurbishment

After that visit you will be led to a nearby shabby-chic style winery. Here you will enjoy a “strong aperitif” based on 2 wines with olives, local salami and cheese, in order to ennjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Trastevere District.

Customize and book now your private experience!

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