PRIVATE TOUR – Historical coffee-bars in Milan

An unusual walking tour in Milan to discover its history linked to art and literature and the way of life since the so-called “Belle Epoque” to nowadays. What were the meeting points of the artists, writers, poets and journalists of the past? And now, where are the modern designers and fashion stylists used to meet? Some stops in coffee-bars in the ancient core of Milan will be the good occasion to discover the well-known Vittorio Emanuele Gallery and its panoramic “terrace”, followed by a special sweet tasting

Meeting with a licensed tourist guide in Milan. Thanks to a guided visit you will follow a sightseeing tour dedicated to the historic Milan coffee bars, which are all situated in the city centre and above all not far from Alla Scala Opera House. From the old but gone Gambrinus to the still on the top “Camparino” or better Zucca, through the wonderful Art Nouveau mosaics and the changes of Biffi Bar in the Gallery. You will climb onto the Highline Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, a 250 meters path suspended along the rooftops, wich will fascinate you with a 360° view over Milan and the surrounding Alps.

Situated in the area of Montenapoleone Street, there are the long-established confectioner’s shops, Cova and Taveggia, all the time patronized by the Milan upper middle class, and the newborn trendy coffee bars, connected to the big names in the fashion world, such as Martini Café by Dolce & Gabbana and Armani Café. At the end of the tour a coffee break or a cup of tea with pastries.

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