PRIVATE TOUR – Street food and art tour in Trastevere District, the real hearth of Rome

The perfect compromise between art and cuisine is a tour which combines monuments and works of art with street food tastings in the wonderful frame of Trastevere, the well-known Roman district, on the opposite bank of the Tiber river.
The best excursion you can do in order to live as the Romans do!

Meeting with your private licensed tour guide in Rome in order to enjoy a pleasant and tasty walking tour in Trastevere.
It is one of Rome’s most historic and charming medieval neighborhood, which lies across the river—hence its name, which means “across the Tiber” from the center of Rome. Crossing either Ponte Cestio or Ponte Fabricio (bridges), you will admire the Tiber Island, well-known for its boat-shape.

The ancient core of that district is Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, where you will visit one of Rome’s oldest basilica, probably the first official place of Christian worship in Rome. According to the legend, it was built by Pope Callistus I in III century and finished by Saint Julius I in 340. You will be struck by its interior, enriched with the glittering Cavallini mosaics. Your guide will show you a masterpiece by the Baroque artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Saint Teresa’s Ecstasy. Don’t miss to take a photo to XV-century majestic fountain, just in front of the Basilica.

During your cultural tour, you will stroll among a maze of cobbled streets, lined with typical restaurants and cafés. Trastevere is really famous for its excellent cuisine and evening happy hours!
You will enjoy an amazing street-food tour, characterized by some tasty stops at particular shops. You will visit an old style bakery to enjoy a special local biscuit. Then you will continue with the salty savour of a supplì, the Romans’ most beloved fried ball-shaped rice snack,. After admiring some artichokes on the stalls of the nearby market, you will enter another historical shop and taste a Porchetta sandwich – a slice of savoury, fatty and herb-stuffed roast pork, typical of Central Italian cuisine – combined with a glass of local wine.

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