PRIVATE TOUR – “Tasting” the best of Milan

Do you have only a few hours at your leisure for a visit to Milan? Don’t worry! We have the right private trip for you! A complete walking tour with a local licensed tour guide, who will show you the highlights of the metropolitan city, by telling you its story and its anedoctes: from the Sforzesco Castle to the Gothic Cathedral, from the elegant Dante street to the medieval Broletto square, from the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery to “alla Scala” Opera House. And at the end you will feel a real Milanese citizen, drinking a glass of Campari!

Meeting with a licensed tourist guide in Milan. Thanks to a guided visit and to a pleasant walk from the Cathedral to Sforzesco Castle you will be able to go through the history of Milan again and to admire its main monuments. A visit to the interior of the Cathedral, famous for its Gothic spires and its golden “Madonnina”, where some millenary art testimonies are kept. On to Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, a real city parlour, to get Della Scala square and to appreciate the neoclassical architecture of the Opera House.

Happy hour at a historical Milan coffee bar to sip a glass of Campari, a famous bitter alcoholic drink, born in the city in 1860. Starting from the medieval Dei Mercanti square, with the ancient Broletto, your tour is ending at Sforzesco Castle to admire its external architecture.

Customize and book now your private experience!

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