PRIVATE TOUR – The power of the Aniene river in Tivoli, Rome

Some people choose Tivoli for their holiday “away from Rome”! That’s why Rome is wonderful but it is always so chaotic and frenetic!
If you want to have a break far from noise and crowd, book now this complete private tour, based on an original “fil rouge”: water!
The natural element of the Aniene River is the protagonist of this full-day trip, during which you will be plunged in nature. A romantic natural garden and a Baroque artificial one will be your destination as well as a scenographic fish farm, whose local recipes are based on km 0-products

Meeting with your private driver in Rome. Transfer to the nearby municipality of Tivoli by private car/minivan.
Meeting with your private tour guide at Villa Gregoriana for an original pleasant archeological walk through its natural and artistic landmarks.
The name of the Villa comes from the Pope Gregory XVI, who, in 1832, promoted an impressive work of hydraulic engineering to embank the continuous floods of the Aniene River.
He decided to canalize its waters into a double tunnel dug inside Mount Catillo and then, after swelling them artificially, to make them rise to the 120- meter jump of the new Great Rainfall,
the highest in Italy after the Marmore Waterfalls. After that the works had been completed, the Pope planned a romantic Park, which became the destination of some artists, writers and scholars who spread its beauty all over the world.
During that pleasant walk, you will discover the gorge, inhabited since the Roman times, and you will be enchanted by the remains of the sumptuous Villa Manlio Vopisco as well as by the two temples dedicated to Tiburno and Sibilla, overlooking the depth of the Aniene River.
Transfer to a nearby fish farm (there are various species of trout, Salmerini di Fonte, European crayfish, sturgeons, eels and Capitoni).
Lunch at the restaurant of the fish farm itself and guided visit to its fish ponds where you can buy some Farm Aniene Valley products.
In the afternoon transfer to Villa d’Este, the most important example of a Mannerist garden, famous for its spectacular waterworks and theatrical effects.
The Villa and its dehors were the Roman ‘retreat’ designed for the Este Family, coming from Ferrara.
Your private guide will lead you into the decorated and precious rooms of the mansion, with doors aligned along an axis (stanze a cannochiale “telescoped” rooms).
The garden is the core of the whole complex, because it tells the history of the family’s illustrious ancestors, such as Hercules and other heroes of antiquity, as well as there are a lot of references to Ovid’s Metamorphosis.
The Aniene River plays music, with the aid of a water organ, and supplies innumerable fountains with its water. Several statues were obtained by excavating ancient Roman sites. Do not miss the Path of The One Hundred Fountains and the Rometta Fountain, which is a miniature representation of the Eternal City.
Back to Rome by private car/minivan.

Villa Gregoriana – © Massimo Siragusa FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

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