PRIVATE TWIN TOURS: the two Michelangelos in Rome

DAY 1: Caravaggio – another Michelangelo with an artistic ice-cream tasting

Who was “another Michelangelo”, besides Buonarroti, the genius of Sistine Chapel?
It was Michelangelo Merisi, the ‘black’ painter, better known as Caravaggio, and the genius of the Baroque Style, who painted by using lights and shades, in an original cinematographic effect.
During that monographic cultural walking tour your private guide will give you all the information about his extremely interesting life, dotted with scandals and murders, and you will admire some of his Roman masterpieces kept in three different churches.

Meeting with your private licensed tour guide and art historian in Rome. During the monographic tour, dedicated to one of the most famous Italian Baroque painter, you will discover all the history of his life, dotted with acts of violence, scandals and anecdotes.
The itinerary starts from Palazzo Madama, Cardinal Del Monte and Caravaggio’s residence during the early years of the latter’s stay in Rome.You will reach the area of Piazza Navona, whose elliptic shape reminds its ancient origin as Emperor Domitian’s stadium, and you will see the house used as the painter’s atelier at n°19 in a narrow street nearby. Your first important stop will be at the small unassuming church of San Luigi dei Francesi, which houses three of the greatest works by Caravaggio: St. Matthew’s Calling up, St. Matthew and the Angel and St. Matthew’s Martyrdom, all kept in Contarelli Chapel. Then you will reach St. Agostino Church, where you will admire another marvellous painting by the same artist: The Pilgrims’ Madonna, situated in the first chapel. Your tour will proceed along Pallacorda Street, where the artist murdered Ranuccio Tomassoni, and then along Scrofa Street, where there were some shops patronized by Caravaggio, in particular the barber’s and the saddler’s, but above all there he met the painter Lorenzo Carli, his first real Roman reference point.
Your last stop will be at the church of Santa Maria del Popolo, where two masterpieces by the great artist are kept: St. Peter’s Crucifixion and St. Paul’s Conversion. The splendid interiors of the church are worth watching, because they were made by other famous artists such as Raffaello, Bernini and Pinturicchio.
And last but not least… Not a common cone but a colourful palette-shaped dish will let you enjoy 8 different flavours of ice-cream. Delicious to your palate and eyes as well. Believe us: you will never forget that artistic experience of yours!

DAY 2: Walking on Michelangelo’s footsteps

Do you wish to avoid long and crowdy queuing up for the “usual” Michelangelo tour to Sistine Chapel and St. Peters’ Basilica int the Vatican City?
Here is an alternative tour to discover some masterpieces by the Renaissance Tuscan artist in an unusual and more relaxing way.

Meeting with your private licensed tour guide in Rome for a special cultural tour focused on one of the Italian Renaissance artists, who played a leading role in Rome: Michelangelo Buonarroti!
He called art “my wife” and his works “my children.”

Thanks to that tour, you will avoid long and crowdy queuing up because it includes some less-known unmissable stops in order to enjoy the skill of the Tuscan artist in lots of fields: in fact he was a painter, an architect, a sculptor and a poet, too!

Your walking tour will start at St. Peter’s in chains, the basilica where the impressive funeral monument, committed by Pope Julius II with the statue of Moses (1513-1515) and the ones of Lia (1542) and Rachel (1542), is kept.Then on to the harmonious Campidoglio Square, on the Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills in Rome. It is an overall project carried out by Michelangelo minimally and completed much later his death.
Your guide will show you the square where his house (destroyed during the Fascist period) was situated. Other stops will be at the Pantheon, whose dome was surely the source of inspiration for St. Peter’s one, projected by him, and at the Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, where, on the left of the main altar, you will admire the Risen Christ, (Cristo della Minerva in Italian), better known as the Christ the Redeemer or the Christ Carrying his Cross, a marble sculpture completed in 1521.

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