Soave: between medieval atmosphere and its wines

A half-day pleasant trip towards one of the hundreds medieval Italian villages: a stroll along its narrow streets, the entrance to its impressive and elegant castle and a final stop to sip the well-known Soave wine

Meeting with a private licensed tourist guide at Soave, which is one of the best-known destinations for a delightful day trip from Verona or Lake Garda. The old small village is completely surrounded by well-preserved boundary walls and it is plunged into the countryside with vineyards producing the famous Soave wine. Visit to the medieval impressive Scaligero Castle, wanted by the lords of Verona to defend the territory between this city and Vicenza.

Walking tour through the characteristic village, with the Antenna Square, the Pretorile Palace, the Cavalli Palace, the Municipal Palace, the parish church and so on. At the end guided wine tasting in a cellar.